Best WiFi Routers In India – Top 10

A wifi router is what lets your gadgets connect to the Internet wirelessly. The best way to move forward is to ensure you have an Internet connection that lets you stream smoothly. But you’ll need a router that can handle your speed and has everything you need to connect all your devices to the Internet.

Wifi Router India

If you choose the right router, you can use the Internet without interruptions and stream movies or look at websites without stopping. You can, of course, connect to everything wirelessly. But how will you decide which one is the best?

Have no fear. We’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of the top wifi routers available in India so you can make an informed decision.

Top 10 wifi Routers In India

1) TP-link N300 Wi-Fi Wireless Router TL-WR845N

Best WiFi Routers In India - Top 10

The best for making VoIP calls, streaming HD movies, and playing online games.

The TP-link N300 wifi Wireless Router TL-WR845N can work in four ways: as a router, a range extension, an access point, or a WISP. The TP-LINK Tether app on your phone makes it easy to handle and set up. When you use this router, you can expect advanced and excellent speed.

It has a friend network feature that lets your guests share your wifi network safely and securely.


  • The TP-link N300 lets you connect to wifi networks quickly.
  • It looks classy and has a texture that goes with any room.
  • It works with the latest version of the Internet protocol, IPv6.
  • The router has three ports that make wifi more stable.
  • It comes with a TP-Link Tether app that makes it easy to manage and set up.

Verdict: According to customer reviews, the TP-link N300 wifi Wireless Router TL-WR845N has a good wifi range and is excellent for a 2BHK flat. Connecting to products like Chromecast, Google Home, and more is easy. To connect to the ACT broadband link, there is an RJ-45 cable. All in all, it’s a great buy.

Price: It costs Rs.1049.00 on

2) Router D-Link DIR-615 Wireless-N300

Best WiFi Routers In India - Top 10

The best size for a 450 sq ft flat or house.

The D-Link DIR-615 Wireless-N300 Router has a 2.4 GHz band and a speed of 300 Mbps. So you can download, share, and post quickly and without lag. All modern operating systems (Windows 7, 8, Vista, etc.) are compatible with this router.

It’s easy to set up, and the whole process won’t take more than a few minutes. It also has two active firewalls and supports WPA and WPA 2 to protect the Internet server from virus threats and other possible malware.


  • It comes with a firewall that is more powerful than most.
  • This has high-gain receivers that can cover up to 450 sq ft more area with wifi.
  • It works with the ISP entry of the RJ 45.
  • The DIR-615 can connect up to 10 wifi devices.
  • It will help you get the most out of your data.

Verdict: Customer reviews say that the D-Link DIR-615 Wireless-N300 Router works excellently for a small office or home with wifi. The signal can easily reach two or three walls at least 10 meters. It won’t get hot even if you use it for 18 to 20 hours straight. This makes it a great buy.

Price: It costs Rs.999.00 on Amazon, where you may purchase it.

3) TP-Link AC750 Dual Band Wireless Cable Router

Best WiFi Routers In India - Top 10

Best for a big room or a big office.

Signal strength and stability are not issues with the TP-Link AC750 Dual Band Wireless Cable Router. It has three fixed antennas outside that let you join wirelessly at high speeds over longer distances. With Tether, you can easily connect to a network and change its settings from your iOS or Android device.

It can handle demanding jobs, like streaming HD video and so on. This can work in three ways: as a Range Extender, Router, or Access Point. It has 4 LAN ports 10/100 Mbps and 1 WAN port 10/100 Mbps. There are things like parental settings and a WPS button on this.


  • It has two links that work at 733 Mbps each.
  • This has an antenna of 5.8 GHz.
  • The router has three ports on the outside.
  • It’s easy to set up and run.
  • This has 802.11AC, which is the next-generation wifi standard.

Verdict: Customer reviews say the TP-Link AC750 router is excellent for 3 BHK apartments. It can work for 20 hours straight without getting too hot. This comes with a 3-year protection, which is good, and setting it up is easy. This is a good choice if you want a bigger home or office router.

Price: It costs Rs. 1,449.00 on Amazon.

4) TP-Link Archer C6 MU-MIMO Wireless Router

Best WiFi Routers In India - Top 10

Best for rooms and offices with more space.

If you need a new router for your home or workplace, look no further than the TP-Link Archer C6 Gigabit MU-MIMO Wireless Router. It uses 80802.11ac standard bandwidth and has wifi speeds of 300 Mbps and 867 Mbps on two bands. It has four antennas on the outside and one antenna on the inside. You can expect your wireless connections to work well and give you the best range.

It has a Qualcomm chipset, which gives it better speed and makes it easier to use. TP-Link Tether is easy to set up and put in place. This also has a Mesh function and can link to multiple devices. It stops wifi dead spots and lets you keep the same wifi name for a smooth link.


  • It has Gigabit connections that are ten times faster.
  • This has a frequency bandwidth of 2.4 GHz.
  • It works well on all running systems and doesn’t slow down.
  • It has four antennas on the outside and one antenna on the inside.
  • The Tether App makes it easy to set this up and keep track of it.

Verdict: Customers say it’s easy to set up and connect four phones and three computers simultaneously. The best thing about it was that it could play UHD movies without lagging. Overall, it’s a good router that’s well worth the price.

Price: It costs Rs.2,499.00 on Amazon.

5) Tenda AC10 AC1200Wireless Smart Dual-Band Gigabit Wi-Fi Router

Best WiFi Routers In India - Top 10

The best for games, multitasking, and small rooms.

The Tenda AC10 AC1200 router gives you a stable wifi link with a wide range. You can expect good performance on multiple devices with the new MU-MIMO and Beamforming technologies. It can link to more than 30 things in your home. With 802.11ac wave 2.0 standards, the router has a strong wifi signal with two bands.

You don’t need to worry if you can’t log in because you forgot your PPPoE password or username. The yPPPoE password came from your first router and was moved to the AC10. It has a 1 GHz CPU is excellent for online games and streaming. It also saves power.


  • It has 4 x 5 DBi receivers that work in all directions.
  • It has a solid 1Ghz CPU and 128Mb DDR3 memory.
  • It has an intelligent wifi signal with two bands.
  • This has four precise receivers so that wifi can reach more places.
  • There is one gigabit WAN port and three gigabit LAN ports.

Verdict: Reviews from customers say that the wifi signals on both bands are powerful. Setting it up doesn’t take long, and the parental control tool works great. Setting up the guest network on this router was easy, and the app works well.

Price: It costs Rs.2,699.00 on Amazon.

6) Tenda N301 Wireless-N300

Best WiFi Routers In India - Top 10

This is best for tiny homes.

The Tenda N301 Wireless-N300 is excellent for everyday things like chatting, streaming movies, checking email, playing games online, etc. It connects to the ISP network and shares the network link with the client. You won’t have any problems with the 300 Mbps wifi speed. There is a way for parents to control this, and it works well. When you need to, setting up the guest network is easy.

Along with the basic unit, it comes with a power adapter, a resources CD, and a manual.


  • It only takes three easy steps to set up and install.
  • It comes with two fixed omnidirectional antennas that are each 5 DBi.
  • This wireless speed is 300 Mbps, which is excellent for sensitive apps.
  • There is one WAN port and three LAN ports on it.
  • The WPS button makes this very safe.

Verdict: Customer reviews indicate that the Tenda N301 router is a reliable and affordable option. It is quick to connect and takes little effort to get up and running.

Price: It costs Rs 999.00 on Amazon.

7) TP-Link TD-w8961N Wireless N300 ADSL2+ Wi-Fi Modem Router

Best WiFi Routers In India - Top 10

Best if you want to improve your speed up to 300 Mbps, increase your range, and set it up quickly.

The TP-Link TD-w8961N gives you a choice for dynamic connectivity. It has two five dBi antennas that can cause significant problems with the connection. It can go as fast as 300 Mbps and keep going as fast as 300 Mbps for a long time. This router does a great job of supporting gadgets that use a lot of bandwidth.

It is a go-to product for network protection because it has both NAT and SPI.


  • The TP-Link TD-w8961N has a quick setup process and excellent user support. With a single tap, your wireless security will be activated.
  • It has a device that has a 4-port switch and a wifi access point all in one.
  • A WPS button that only needs one touch makes protection and security better. It also has a simple button to turn it on or off.
  • The TP-Link TD-w8961N has almost 4 RJ45 ports, letting you connect multiple devices to a LAN.

Verdict: Reviewers say the TP-Link TD-w8961N is an excellent choice for an ADSL Internet line. This gadget worked fine, and the Internet speed was stable. It has a sound setting makes it easy to connect to most Internet services in India. Setting up will take a little bit of time.

Price: Rs.1279.00 can be paid for it.

8) TP-Link Archer A5 AC1200 Wi-Fi Dual Band

Best WiFi Routers In India - Top 10

The best for a lot of links and streaming IPTV.

The Internet speed on the TP-Link Archer A5 AC1200 is breakneck. You can get a total speed of 1200 Mbps with a dual-band router. It takes little time to switch between the 2.4 GHz channel and the 5 GHz channel. Intelligent access points have 802.11ac security protection as standard, making joining easy.

This is a suitable device if you want to surf the Internet quickly.


  • The display on this device is dynamic. It has up to 4 LAN ports and 1 WAN port, giving you many ways to join.
  • With the TP-Link Archer A5 AC1200, you have a lot of ways to join. There are four transmitters outside the box.
  • Easy to set up and run, save time when setting up. Use TP-Link Tether to set up things faster.
  • Its mode makes it easy to share the Internet with guests.

Verdict: Based on customer reviews, the TP-Link Archer A5 AC1200 has a reasonable price for what it has to offer. There are few specialized dual-band routers at this price, so you’ll have an excellent time routing. It also brings up IPTV viewing that works with 4K bandwidth.

Price: Rs. 1699.00 can be paid for it.

9) iBall Baton iB-WRD12EN 1200M Smart Dual Band Wireless AC Router

Best WiFi Routers In India - Top 10

Best for fiber connections and fast network speeds.

The four receivers on the iBall Baton iB-WRD12EN are great for covering a large area. A dual-band setup seemed the best choice for this router when the speed was tested. It also has a speed of 120 Mbps when combined. The speed of the 2.4 GHz channel is 350 Mbps, while the speed of the 5 GHz channel is 850 Mbps.

In three ways, the iBall Baton iB-WRD12EN can work as a WISP, router, or wireless access point.


  • This router has more than one input and more than one exit. It can work with as many as four LAN networks.
  • The new Beamforming technology is in the iBall Baton iB-WRD12EN. It helps to get more attention.
  • This product has a data speed that is stable and works well. Together, they can go up to 1200 Mbps.
  • Customer service is exemplary. The iBall tech support team is quick and helpful.

Verdict: Customer reviews say the iBall Baton iB-WRD12EN modem is easy to set up. The interface app makes it easy to get to settings and has an option for one-touch recognition. Most people think that the price is fair, which makes this a good buy for the money. It gets rid of almost all the dead spots in a large room. Even behind two thick walls, the iBall Baton iB-WRD12EN works well.

Price: You can buy it for Rs.1599.

10) Mi Smart Router 4C

Best WiFi Routers In India - Top 10

Best for parental settings and operation on a single band.

The single-band 2.4 GHz channel with the Mi Smart Router 4C is excellent for streaming and reading. The router’s top speed is 300 Mbps, but having a solid connection is always helpful for your needs. The Mi wifi app also makes it easy to set up parenting controls. You can control what you see and how long you spend online.


  • With the Mi wifi app, you can control your router from anywhere. You can get quick choices for setting things up.
  • It has four high-performance transmitters that make it faster and cover a wider area. Connect several things at once.
  • There is a wifi optimization choice. It lets you speed up your network and take care of your gadgets.
  • QoS is built into the Mi Smart Router 4C. Having these tools to manage and divide bandwidth needs is essential.

Verdict: Customer reviews say that the Mi Smart Router 4C is an excellent choice for a low price. This item costs less than $1,000 and has a wide range.

It has room for four antennas, which can cover an area of 400 square feet. This device lets you watch videos and surf the web quickly on Internet services.

Price: You can buy it for Rs. 999.00


It always takes work to choose the best wifi router. There are many things to consider when picking the best router. The most important thing to consider is how well you know your applications and how many devices you will join. You can choose from a lot of different goods.

Here is a list of the best wifi routers in India so that you can choose the best one. TP-link N300 could be a good choice if you want a router you will use often. You could also choose the D-Link DIR-615 for a small space or the TP-Link AC750 for ample space.

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