Best USB Drive Encryption Software in 2021

When we want to transfer data USB flash drives are valuable. You can utilize them to save secret information in the event that you utilize a public PC for instance. Another extraordinary thing about USB sticks is that they are small, simple to convey, and store. But, these advantages additionally bring a high danger of coincidentally losing them. On a particularly undesired occasion, you lose critical data and facilitate access to your most secret data to an outsider. 

Sadly, you can’t protect your USB streak drive through a strong password, similar to you secure your PC or phone. You can put resources into an encrypted flash drive with hardware encryption. Or then again you can utilize programming to accomplish a similar degree of USB data insurance. 

In any case, you need to consider the way that sometimes you should decrypt the information to get to it. If you utilize the USB stick on your PC only, the encryption programming will be already introduced. But, in the event that you need to move documents between PCs, there will be an issue with the encryption tool. 

The simplest route is to store the product on the USB streak drive. Apportioning the USB sticks and encrypting only a piece of it is an answer. The encryption tool can be store on the segment that isn’t encoded. This way you can use to unscramble the files on any PC by running the product directly from the stick. 

In any case, you should ensure that the encryption program is viable with the operating framework of the PC.

Best USB encryption software to protect your files


VeraCrypt is a refreshed and improved rendition of TrueCrypt. Utilizing three diverse encryption calculations, for example, AES 256-BIT, TwoFish, and Serpent, VeraCrypt has been created to fix many the security issues in TrueCrypt. 

You can run the mobile app straightforwardly from the USB stick. Also, it is totally free to utilize if you use it for drive sizes of the max 2GB. But, some users state that overseeing VeraCypt can be somewhat troublesome. 

The software makes password-protected virtual disk volumes. You simply plug in the USB streak drive and dispatch VeraCrypt Volume Creation Wizard. You can pick between making a volume and encoding the whole memory stick. VeraCrypt is accessible in 37 languages.


A little drive encryption programs give you the options that EncryptStick does. This product does not just enable you to encode your streak drive; it likewise empowers you to make virtual vaults and make password-secured folders. The inner-operability highlights furnish you with probably the best drive security and the product bolsters up to 1024-bit AES encryption. 

As with such countless other premium software, EncryptStick is likewise simple to explore and utilize. The interface is basic, permitting any individual to rapidly copy-paste their data to any place they need it to go. You can flawlessly pick out the choices you need. Along these, the product likewise requests that you enter a password at whatever point you switch windows. In the event that there are ten wrong attempts, the product locks.

Gilisoft USB Stick Encryption

Having a lovely out-of-control UI, complete with lustrous catches and a brushed metal completion, Gilisoft USB Stick Encryption is without a doubt a looker. However, great looks are only a piece of the image and are commended by basic yet powerful encryption highlights. 

Gilisoft USB encryption programming is incredibly simple to utilize. Simply plug in the drive and it is simultaneously identified. From that point forward, you should simply indicate the size of the secure zone that you need to make on the drive), alongside the encryption password, and the app will deal with the rest. There aren’t an excessive number of pointless additional items here, simply extraordinary encryption goodness. In the event that the partner secure access app on the encrypted USB drive is unintentionally erased, it very well may be effortlessly recuperated as well. So there’s nothing to stress over! 

In the event that all you require is straightforward USB encryption programming that doesn’t contain such numerous extra options, Gilisoft USB Encryption is only the thing to go for. 


Unlike many other streak drive encryption programming choices out there, DriveCrypt empowers you to specifically encode documents as you see fit. It does that by masking your data as music documents or fake disks. To really give you the joy, it utilizes no keywords or warns anybody that the symbols are hiding data. 

To back that up, the product likewise has a password sniffing security highlight to stop any eventual programmers or virus from accessing your secret keywords. This product likewise has the undetectable holder, which alludes to allowing you to set up two unique passwords so you can impart a portion of your data to individuals you trust and hide the rest. In that manner, you can loan your flash drive to others and not stress over them accessing your mysterious documents.

ENC DataVault

This is another product that runs on Windows and Mac OS operating frameworks. Furthermore, much the same as the product above, you don’t need to introduce the program on the PC. At the point when you set up the encryption on the USB memory stick, you really introduce a compact vault that secures your documents. The PC version has a bigger number of highlights than the mobile version. ENC DataVault isn’t free however during the 14 days’ time for testing you can find out about what this product can do. 

A positive perspective is that you can utilize the software with a USB stick, yet additionally on any cloud storage account, and on any PC or laptop, for the same objective of encoding certain information.

Rohos Disk Encryption

If highlights are the thing you’re pursuing, Rohos Disk Encryption is the product for you. Likewise, with the entirety of other software’s on this rundown, Rohos offers premium security for your delicate data. It does that through scrambled volumes. At the point when you plug in your drive, the product decides the most ideal size of the volume is made on it. You can likewise pick a particular size and you can set the volume’s area if you want.

Another reason this functions admirably is that you can encode introduced programs and custom folders on your PC so they must be gotten to when your flash drive is connected. That additional flexibility is ideal to have and gives you a layer of security most different projects need. If that is not enough for you, this assists you to conceal encoded disk in media holder files too.

USB Flash Security

This product works with AES 256-BIT encryption. It encrypts the whole USB drive aside from a section on which it stores the program. The encrypted documents are covered up and you can get to them, by running the program straightforwardly from the memory stick. Along these lines, you don’t have to introduce the product on the PC. 

Focus on the documents that you have stored on the USB flash drive. USB Flash Security programming wipes all your documents when setting up. 

There are many choices for purchasing this program. But, you can also try out its free form which is restricted to one USB flash drive with a max of 4 GB of drive size.


LybreCrypt is another free USB encryption tool that used to be named DoxBox. There are no limits of drive size and you can encode as numerous USB drives as you need. The program can run only on Windows. However, the documents that you have encoded can be additionally moved to PCs running on Linux. This program has two following versions. 

  • One is created to run on a desktop and make a vault on your USB stick, called DoxBox. 
  • The other release is intended to make the encrypted files accessible on any PC, without introducing the product. 

LibraCrypt works with three diverse encryption calculations: AES, Twofish, and Serpent.

Kakasoft USB Security

It’s not difficult to excuse Kakasoft USB Security at this point another ordinary USB encryption programming, given its minor size and a restricted list of capabilities. But, in case you’re searching for precisely that and don’t care about other flashy highlights, it’s difficult to turn out badly with it. 

Kakasoft USB Security is additionally totally independent on the USB drive, and would thus be able to be utilized anyplace. The tool introduces on the USB flash drive itself and can be arranged to run automatically every time the drive is connected. 

All that requires to be done on your part is to determine an encryption password, and Kakasoft USB Security will encrypt the whole drive with any information that is stored on it. Encrypted disks are available utilizing a similar technique for opening and mounting through the app. 

Last thoughts

With regards to securing our information, you can never be excessively cautious. Despite the fact that it’s not difficult to accept that your drive is protected, there’s nothing bad with making some additional strides should it fall into some unacceptable hands. There are numerous encryption options on the current market, yet in case you’re hell-bent on keeping your records ensured, the above-mentioned software all does an amazing job. Whichever you choose to go pick, you will remain safe.

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