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10 Of The Highest Paid Jobs In Sydney You Could Become A Professional In

Working in high-wage jobs can be as rewarding as it is lucrative. But what are the top high-wage jobs in Sydney that will allow you to earn a lot of money? What makes these positions so desirable? Well, we’re here to help!

Whether you are just starting your career, looking for a change, or a boost in your salary, it is important to consider the various available job opportunities.

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Find below some of the highest-paying jobs in Australia:

General Counsel

Law is an extremely lucrative industry. General counsels are the most highly paid legal professionals, particularly those who work in-house at ASX 100-listed companies. This means that you were hired to work for a particular company rather than a law firm that offers legal services to businesses.

A general counsel is a principal lawyer in a legal department. This could be within a company or a government department. Reaching this position of high rank usually takes seven years of experience. An average salary package for in-house counsels is $400,000 or $4,795 per week.


Anaesthetists can be extremely high-earning because of the risks and complexity involved. Anaesthetists can be medical doctors who work alongside surgeons to provide general or local anaesthesia to patients.

Our data shows that anaesthetists are paid $4,647 per week after taxes.


Cardiologists, a highly-paid medical profession, specialize in diagnosing and treating heart and blood vessel conditions. This high-stakes position is lucrative, as it involves performing surgery and conducting tests.

Australian cardiologists average a salary of $351,827. That’s $222,838 after tax. That’s 4,285 per week.

General manager/project manager

You don’t have any medical bones in your body. So it’ll surprise you that Australia’s booming construction sector has plenty of high-paying job opportunities.

General managers are responsible for overseeing all company operations. This includes allocating budget resources and formulating policies.

General managers or Project Managers earn $350,000. This works out to $4,266 per week.

Secretary for the company

It is no surprise that law careers are very lucrative. So perhaps it’s not surprising that the job of a company secretary is more critical than those of lawyers and barristers. A company secretary assists with administrative, legal, and clerical tasks, helping to keep the company on its feet.

The average salary for company secretaries is $342,500 after taxes or $4,187 a week directly into your pocket!

A professional qualification is required for company secretaries. This could be in law, business, accounting, or public administration.

Head of operations

The Head of Operations oversees the operations of a mining company. This ensures that resources are efficiently used, and business profits are maximized. A Head of Operations can earn $325,000 annually, or $208,083 before taxes. This is $4,000 per week.


Surgeons are skilled in preoperative diagnosis, operation, and postoperative care for many conditions. If they want to specialize, all surgeons start as generalists.

The average income of a general surgeon is $305,276, which is $197,235 after taxes. $3,793 per week directly into the pocket.

Intern medicine specialist

General practitioners (GPs) or internal medicine specialists administer medications, immunizations, and other non-surgical treatments. You will be the first person to contact patients and refer them, if necessary, to specialists.

Intern medicine specialists make $304,752, or $3,787 per week.

Chief technology officer (CTO)

Chief technology officers, a role considered ’emerging,’ are highly sought after. Big data and AI growth continue to drive the technology sector’s success. COVID-19 poses challenges, but the technology sector is still thriving.

CTOs manage an organization’s technical aspects and resources and work towards technological development and digital readiness.

CTOs are paid $300,000.00 annually, $194.333 after tax, and $3,737 per semaine straight to your account.

Head of technology

As CTOs, the Head of Technology manages all technical aspects of a company’s growth. The average salary for a Head Of Technology is $300,000. This would be $194,333 after tax. This is $3,737 per week.


These jobs are some of the highest paying in Sydney and are more than just “good jobs.” They offer an excellent quality of life and an opportunity to build a career in a growing industry. If you want to get ahead, this list should give you some good ideas on where to start looking.

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